Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Which are the 10 or 5 best India based content writing companies?

Content writing is something that is preferred by every website. Even Ecommerce portals or websites require content in the form of descriptions and it is basically the quality of descriptions that persuades users to buy the product.

What type of content is required as per Google updates?

Gone are the days when it was required to have content written after keeping in mind the keywords. Today you just need to write quality content keeping in mind the requirements of users. For instance if the content is related to the 10 good content writing companies located in India then it should tell about the companies that are based in India only with full information about them.

Content required in today’s time:

1. Quality content with good length ( above 500 words for blogs or articles)
2. LSI keywords inclusion is must
3. Content written in sub points
4. Good number of images to support the content
5. Interesting to read
6. Must share useful information only
7. To the point
8. Written after careful research
9. Content with proper headings and sun headings
10. Content that is unique and free from spelling and grammar errors.

Where to get content in India or which companies are good in that?

There are a number of companies offering content in India. However most of the companies offer content as one of their services and so they can’t be termed as proper companies dealing with content writing.

Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt Ltd: It is one such good content writing company that is offering content since a long period of time. 10 years ago it was started and since then it is offering quality content at a very affordable price.

SEO Content Online: It is yet another content writing company that offers content writing services in India. You can outsource your content needs and even get virtual content writers from this company. With good track record, here you can find academic content writing, medical content, Press releases, case studies, white paper and other such high level writing solutions.

Web Content India: As the name suggests it is yet another good content writing company that offers content services in India. With specialization in offering website content, it offers other content writing solutions as well including blog posts, articles, ghost writing, ebook, press release writing, and technical content writing and so on.

Content writing Jaipur.com: Another content writing company offering content services since a good period of time. It started with offering content for Jaipur city initially but is now having good clientele from all over India.

Elance: Other than the above, freelance websites like Elance also offers good writing solutions from freelance content writers. Here you can get content writers not just from India rather worldwide. The only thing is here you have to deal with the writers not the staff members of Elance.

Freelancer: Known earlier by the name of Get a freelancer, now freelancer is another destination for getting content but from the freelancers. Here too you can get content from a number of writers but you need to be careful in your selection as although there are measures to assure quality work is only paid still there are few freelancers who are just there to earn good amount of money putting the work of their clients on stake.
What are the prices you can pay to get content from the above companies?

Generally freelancers are considered cheaper but surprising to know these companies offer content even cheaper than what is offered at freelancing websites. You can expect content at mere cost of $3.5 per 500 words which is undoubtedly a very good price.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with these companies and get quality content to see your business growing.

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