Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Which is the best digital marketing company in Jaipur, India and why?

Digital Marketing services are in great demand not just in Jaipur or India rather worldwide but what is the reason behind this? There are many who got confused with Digital India campaign started by the Prime Minister of India and assume Digital marketing to be same as Digital India campaign but it's entirely different.

What exactly is Digital Marketing and what all is covered under digital marketing services in India?

Digital Marketing is a superior form of SEO or Search Engine Optimization where digital medium is given preference to promote a brand, company or a website. Under Digital marketing services promotion is made but ethically and in such a way that it helps in creating a brand of the company/website for a longer period of time. Digital Marketing can be termed as the improved version of SEO services and that is the reason why a number of companies often name SEO services as Digital marketing Services which is undoubtedly wrong.

What are the services covered under digital marketing services?

1. Content Marketing: Unlike SEO services, where content forms a very small part, that is not the case with Digital Marketing. In SEO there is a limited amount of content that is used for submissions or press release writing and sometimes for blogs. Under Digital Marketing content is the main part and forms the basis of promotion. Under content marketing, only relevant content is used that can be shared and created in such a manner that it may get viral. So, its not about filling up the page with anything. It is the refined form of content marketing.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): As stated earlier also, Digital Marketing is different from SEO in the manner that it includes SEO as a small part. Online and offline SEO services are considered very important since it is not at all possible to rank a website with creating backlinks or without putting the title,descriptions, tags, keywords and other factors. So, SEO is also covered under the digital marketing services.

3. Social Media Optimization: Under Digital Marketing, Social media optimization is considered very important since it involves masses in the promotion. Here preference is given to websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, Instagram, etc. to circulate quality content.

4. Email Marketing: Email Marketing too constitutes a very important part when it comes to digital marketing services. Under Digital Marketing content is created in such a manner that people subscribe for the Newsletter and then emails can be sent. So, it is a special form of Email marketing where you send the mails to those who wish to see them in their mail box.

5. Online advertising or marketing: Under digital marketing advertisements play an important part too. Banner ads are very common in attracting masses and that is the reason why they are included in Digital Marketing Services.

6. Analytics optimization and conversion: Unlike SEO where emphasis is on bringing visitors, under digital marketing, emphasis is more on keeping the visitors or in reducing the bounce rate and converting the visitors into customers.

So, the above mentioned are few of the services covered under digital marketing services.

Which is the best Digital marketing company in Jaipur, India and why?

There are a number of SEO companies in Jaipur that claim to be the best Digital marketing company but it is truly a wrong claim. The reason is already mentioned above that clearly say SEO is a small part of Digital Marketing. So, which are the best Digital marketing companies in India in real sense? The answer is Thoughtful Minds and the reason is justifiable. It is a top content writing company in India with 100% original and effective content writing services in India, academic writing services, blog writing and so on. Since the company holds the top position in the field of content writing, it makes use of quality content to make effective digital marketing strategies. It is the main reason why Thoughtful Minds is the best digital marketing company in Jaipur and moving towards acquiring the top position in India.

Thoughtful Minds even acquired the top position when it comes to cheapest digital marketing services in India. So, it offers quality digital marketing services in Jaipur, India at a very cheap price.

What are the Digital Marketing Packages offered by this Digital Marketing company in India?

Thoughtful Minds is over 10 years old content writing company that was initiated with a vision to promote content writing services in India at a cheap price. It was stated at that point of time when content was limited to few freelancing websites where the amount required to be paid for the content was high and there was not at all any chance to know if the chosen freelancer is able to complete the work on time and with quality or not. So, Thoughtful Minds was created to help people make use of quality content writing that is not just effective but delivered on time as well.

To keep the same pace, the company is offering Digital Marketing packages at a price of SEO packages. Yes, since the motive of the company is to offer digital marketing services at cheap prices, it is offering it on the name of SEO packages in India which are cheap but highly qualitative.

How to know if the digital marketing services offered by the company are effective?

There are more than 500,000 articles written by the company and more than 500 companies benefited with the top ranking offered by this digital marketing company with International brands like Netmarkers that acquired position within 5 months of its start. Another impressive name is of Rajasthan Power that is the leading transformer manufacturing company in India and Africa. Just like these two, there are hundreds of other names and so you can be rest assured to get good ranking within a short span of time.

How to order digital marketing services from Thoughtful Minds?

If you wish to order digital marketing services in India from Thoughtful Minds, then you need to mail at info@thoughtfulminds.org or you can talk directly at +91-9413348979.

So what are you waiting? Order now!


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